Story Of Senang & What We Do

Malaysia’s first API insurance platform, Senang, aims to solve certain pain points in the industry
such as a lack of trust between businesses and insurers and a lack of customization to
meet the needs of different e-commerce businesses across various industries.

Q: What does partnership mean?

E-commerce companies have very different needs compared to physical stores in terms of benefits and protection. For instance, while physical stores would usually need money insurance to insure cash on the premises, e-commerce companies are less in need of this type of insurance as all transactions take place online. Instead, these tech companies may want to focus their protection on areas like intellectual property.

Q: What is it?

Taking it up a notch, Senang also allows businesses to directly offer insurance to customers through their own respective websites. As each business is different, Senang is designed to be customisable to the individual needs of each business, providing them quotes and pricing tailored to their own industry and market data.

Q: How does it work?

Using application program interface (API) technology, a software intermediary which allows interaction between various apps, Senang seamlessly integrates with existing websites of e-commerce companies.

Q: Will it affect the e-commerce company customer experience?

In effect, the customer experience of each e-commerce company is left undisrupted because Senang’s insurance module is simply added on as a layer to the website as an option for the business’s customers.