Q: Do I have to pay the entire insurance premium upon confirm to get covered?

Yes. You would need to pay 100% of the insurance premium that is stated in order to get hold cover confirmation slip immediately.

Q: When does the insurance policy coverage start?

The insurance policy coverage date within 7 days from date of payment and will be valid for a year. For example

Q: I’m not able to upfront the payment as I’m having cash flow issues.

We are a small business owner too. We understand cash flow is outmost priority. Leave us a message and we will find an appropriate payment terms for your business

Q: If anything happens, how can I file a claim?

Easy. Using our claim portal, you can file claims and track them in real time, all online.

Q: What documents would I receive upon paying the Insurance Premium?

You will receive the official Insurance certificate by the Insurance Company together with the policy jacket, product disclosure sheet, brochure and Policy Wordings e-mailed to you.

Q: What documents would I receive upon paying the balance 85% Payment?

You will receive the official Insurance Policy by the Insurance Company together with the Policy Jacket delivered by our appointed courier service company.

Q: How do I ascertain that quote is adequate for my business and there will not be any issues comes to claims?

The General Insurance Principle will be applied. Principle of Outmost Good Faith & state of the art image scan reader will be used as an extra guide for Insurance Company to review the claims. However, do take note that the information shown above comes from the following sources: SenangNvs Sdn. Bhd Analytics and Industry standards.

Q: Is Senang Qoute available in all locations?

We currently available in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya only. If your business specific address in Petaling Jaya/Kuala Lumpur is not able to go through, the construction classification code is different from our system and requires a personal Qoute. We are continuously updating our system & many more locations will be available in our system soonest.

Q: The Insurance Policy is under-written by Which Insurance Company?

It is underwritten by Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad. Our agency code is SENANGNVS SDN BHD | D15635-000.